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IT Project Management

Managing Your Projects

Consistently businesses are being asked to do more with less. Businesses in today's global economy and extended marketplace must find timely and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of their enterprise, customers, partners and shareholders.

Our project management expertise provides strategic guidance to organizations to cost-effectively execute business critical initiatives and to prepare them for a state of “continuous improvement.” We take a collaborative approach to helping customers achieve their desired results while minimizing their risk.

We work in collaboration with our customers to ensure the profitable and timely conclusion of projects.

Our project managers have expert knowledge on almost all project management tools and methodologies and can either apply one of the industry's best practice tools and methods or adhere to yours.

Our project management service offerings focus on cost, efficiency and effectiveness. From developing a business case - helping you justify your initiatives - to managing multiple projects and vendors, we bring a holistic solution to our clients. At the end of the day, your business success is based on how effectively you are managing projects across your enterprise.

Let C-Systems be your partner

Project Management Capabilities

Many organizations have determined that due to the size and complexity of their project initiatives, their project managers require additional support in managing day-to-day project activities. Understanding our customers' requirements, C-Systems utilizes certified project management resources to support project managers in the planning and controlling processes within a project's lifecycle.

We will provide Expertise in the areas of:

  •  Project charter facilitation; 
  •  Project plan facilitation;
  •  WBS development;
  •  Schedule development;
  •  Planning strategy formulation;
  •  Project variance analysis;
  •  Project cost budget and resource management.

By using proven methodologies, we work with our clients to layout every aspect of the initiative and define how the project aligns with the overall business and IT strategy.

Our Deliverables are:

  • Determine the business opportunity / problem, goals, objectives, vision, benefits and risks for initiating a project or a program;
  • Determine the return on investment of the project and the project's alignment with the business's strategy;
  • Determine if the project contributes to the business's bottom line and analyze any other alternatives towards achieving the goals and objectives set for the project.

Whether the project is the deployment of a critical application, a project to secure your infrastructure, a regulatory initiative that will impact your business, or implementing an enterprise-wide application, whatever the initiative, project management is often times the most critical component to success. We work with our clients in a collaborative fashion to ensure projects get completed on time and within budget.

Our Project Managers:

  • Determine project strategy, approach, vision, goals, objectives, scope and budget;
  • Obtain consensus from various stakeholders and outline a detailed project plan;
  • Identify and assign optimal resources to tasks outlined in the project plan;
  • Manage the execution of the project
  • Track the project's progression and identify risks, scope changes and appropriate mitigation strategies in an ongoing manner.


Project Type: IT Project Management

From: Worldwide

Features: Project Strategy, Approach, Vision, Goals, Objectives, Scope and Budget


What we do

  • Project Strategy & Approach
  • Project Goals & Objectives
  • Project Scope & Budget
  • Project Plan
  • Assign Resources
  • Project Implementation

We specialize in designing and implementing cost-effective, creative information solutions to your complex business problems. No matter what C-Systems services you utilize, you can count on our committment and expertise. We are committed to your success and satisfaction.



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